I am beyond excited to serve as Basileus of this great and storied Chapter! Please know that I do not take this opportunity lightly, for there are shoulders of great men of which I now stand. With a strong Team working with me, as well as partnering with community organizations and local and state legislators, it is my expectation that Mu Omega Chapter will have a stellar year of impact within the city! This bold charge cannot happen without an “all-hands-on-deck” mindset. This means that the work that must be done, must be done together with maximum participation. 

To help guide us to this new level, I have developed a construct called “The Five Pillars of a MIGHTY Chapter.” Each pillar has a distinct function that supports all Chapter efforts where our impact will be felt internally and externally. Having a vision and mission to guide; efficient systems to be effective; fiscal responsibility to avoid being wasteful; participation from the brotherhood and partners for increased impact; and branding to make our presence felt within the city. 

Lastly, our city needs us! Our young people need us! We have to move with purpose and build relationships with communities and district schools that are genuine and sustainable. Our young men need to know that the Ques are active in their development as successful students and individuals that are able to make positive decisions that are in their best interest. Again, all of this cannot be done without group initiative and cooperative effort. 

In the words of one of our esteemed Founders, Professor Frank Coleman, “Great schemes born in the minds of individuals never became potent until translated into action.” Last time I checked, the Ques are men of action, the Ques are committed to service, the Ques are dedicated to living a noble life that highlights the principles of manhood, scholarship, perseverance and uplift. 

We have work to do! Let’s do it together, in true Brotherhood!

Yours In Service,

Dr. Darryl Blackwell
50th Basileus